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Pneumatic Leveling Mounts


Precision Pneumatic Leveling Mounts

We are Dealer, Distributor, Supplier of Precision Pneumatic Leveling Mounts, PLM Mounts, Precision Levelling Mounts, PLM Mounts for Vibration Isolation, CMM, Anti Vibration Pads. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

PLM mounts provide low frequency vibration and shock control for surface plates, coordinate measuring machines, fans, air compressors, motor/generator sets, high-speed punch presses and more.

The Fabreeka PLM series pneumatic isolation mounts are low frequency vibration and shock isolators which provide both attenuation of disturbing vibration and equipment levelling. For vibration control applications, the pneumatic portion of these mounts provides significant reduction of vibration occurring at frequencies above 5.0 Hz.


For shock or impact applications, the outer elastomeric wall construction provides a high deflection shock mount. A low natural frequency (3.0 Hz) can be maintained by utilizing an external spacer to prevent a "bottom out" condition.
Precision Pneumatic Leveling Mounts


    Key Features / Benefits :

  • The Fabreeka PLM design includes a mouldedthreaded insert which allows the mounts to be inflated via either the standard tank valve or a pneumatic fitting. No custom adapters are necessary. Supplied with a tank valve, the isolators are inflated andlevelledmanually using a hand pump or air chuck connected to an air supply. When supplied with a fitting, the mounts can be plumbed to a dedicated, regulated air supply making pressurizing and levelling easier.

  • PLM isolation mounts will continue to isolate with no pressure having a vertical natural frequency of approximately 10.0 Hz. The vertical to horizontal natural frequency ratio is approximately 1:1 with a degree of horizontal stability.