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Anti Vibration Pads

We are Authorized Dealer, Distributor, Supplier of Anti Vibration Pads, Fabreeka Transformer Mounts, Crane Rail Pads, Fabreeka PTFE Bearing Pads, Fabreeka Pads for Impact Shock Control, Vibration Control. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Fabreeka Transformer Mounts
Fabreeka Transformer Mounts
Description : Fabreeka transformer mounts are designed using Fabcel isolation pads to reduce structure-borne vibration and noise transmitted by reactors and transformers. When installed to support this type of equipment, these mounts help to meet OSHA noise pollution standards.
Key Features / Benefits :
  • Reduces noise by 3-5 dB
  • Standard sizes support up to 1,300 lbs each. Custom designs/sizes available for all applications.
  • Anti-skid surface prevents equipment “walking”.

Crane Rail Pad
Crane Rail Pad
Description : Fabreeka crane rail pad is manufactured in two types to accommodate either light or moderate to heavy crane service duty. Both types of crane rail pad have been designed to provide a significant reduction in beam and rail stress while improving wheel load distribution to reduce rail maintenance. The unique LTP surface allows the rail to contract and expand, improving the lateral rigidity and wear resistance of the pad under high service loads.
Key Features / Benefits :
  • Fabreeka crane rail pad can withstand wheel loads up to 12,000 psi
  • LTP surface allows for rail expansion and reduces wear
  • Laminated, fabric reinforcement provides lateral rigidity and high load capacity
  • Reduces noise and structure-borne vibration

Fabreeka Pads For Impact Fabreeka Pads For Impact
Description : Fabreeka pad is the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. The properties of the Fabreeka pad are exceptionally suited for the reduction of impact shock. Fabreeka pad has been used for over 70 years for mounting heavy machinery where absorption of impact shock and isolation of transmitted vibration is desired. Fabreeka pad prevents cracking and flaking of concrete, eliminates the need for grout and prolongs the life of both machines and structures. Fabreeka pad is scientifically constructed to give years of service under the most severe operating conditions.

Key Features / Benefits :
  • Depending upon the size and thickness, Fabreeka pad can ultimately withstand loads up to 12,000 psi. Normally, compressive stresses are designed not to exceed 2,000 psi to extend service life and reduce permanent set.
  • Fabreeka pad has a relatively high damping rate of 14% of critical, twice the value of damping for natural rubber and unreinforced elastomers.
  • Fabreeka pad has very high energy storage per unit volume, which makes it ideal for shock isolation.

Fabreeka PTFE Bearing Pad

Fabreeka PTFE Bearing Pad

Description : Fabreeka-PTFE bearing pad is comprised of the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. Fabreeka-PTFE pad is used to accommodate construction irregularities such as rotation and non-parallel load bearing surfaces, while also providing a sliding surface to accommodate expansion. The Fabreeka-PTFE bearing pads are manufactured with a Teflon® surface for use in expansion bearings and pipe slides. Fabreeka pad is scientifically constructed to give years of service under the most severe operating conditions. Fabreeka-PTFE pad can be used in structural expansion bearings, slide bearings, pipe clamps and as pipe support pads.

Key Features and Benefits of PTFE Bearing Pads :
  • Pads can withstand compressive loads perpendicular to the plane of laminations of not less than 12,000 psi before breakdown.
  • Low coefficient of friction via PTFE surface.

Separation of The Thermal Bridge
Separation of The Thermal Bridge
Description : Fabreeka-TIM® structural thermal break pad / connection, or thermal insulation material (TIM), is manufactured from a fiberglass-reinforced laminate composite. It is considered a green product for its energy savings with regard to energy loss caused by thermal bridging. In addition it is proven to have high compressive strength combined with resistance to thermal conductivity. Made from a fiberglass-reinforced composite, Fabreeka-TIM® has a per-inch R-value of 0.56 (BTU/Hr/ft2/in/οF = 1.8) and is far superior to steel (R-0.003) or concrete (R-0.08), providing a structural thermal break between flanged steel framing members. The primary benefit of Fabreeka-TIM® is that it maintains structural integrity while minimizing heat transfer.

Structural Thermal Break Key Features / Benefits :
  • Thermally efficient, energy-saving construction
  • Eliminates potential condensation and mold
  • High load capacity maintains structural integrity
  • Low thermal conductivity reduces heat loss